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Retainer walls are designed to create specific grades and protect upland structures such as houses, garages, and decks. These walls are incredibly useful for sloped land. Constructing a retainer wall can provide a usable, level area where there wasn’t one before. This not only increases the area available for recreation or other projects, but can also increase your property value. Sloped land can make grass mowing and other outdoor activities more dangerous. A properly designed and installed retainer wall is a sound investment in your property and safety. We offer a variety of retaining wall options in wood, vinyl, or rock. Although, wood is usually the best option for its maximum drainage and customizable nature to create or design specific layouts to your property needs.

Service Information

Our retainer walls utilize the same time-tested design techniques as our seawalls. We only use treated lumber and high-quality fasteners. Our posts are sunk deep into the ground, below the frost line to prevent any damage from Michigan’s freezing temperatures. Extra-large tie backs (deadmen) are installed to securely anchor the wall horizontally into the earth. The wall’s face sheets are buried deep underground for added stability. Finally, we set up adequate drainage to ensure the freeze-thaw cycle doesn’t cause your wall to be pushed outwards.

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