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Installing a custom deck is one of the best ways to create a clean and safe space that’s perfect for entertaining guests and personal relaxation. It’s an ideal area for enjoying the great outdoors and getting the most out of your property. Fleming Marine Construction specializes in building decks that are designed to fit in with existing structures or landscaping in your unique property layout. We often build decks along with seawall projects that incorporate stairs, but they can also be set up as a standalone project.

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Decks Built to Last

Fleming Marine decks are constructed with high quality materials to ensure an extra-long life. We use only treated lumber to protect against the elements. Extra bracing and supports are used in our post and beam structure to increase the overall strength of the deck. All of the posts that support the deck are buried deep below the frost line to prevent any movement that is caused by sub-freezing temperatures. Our cantilever design decks are a great choice. They extend out over a seawall or rock wall and create easy access for boats while also giving you a great hangout by the water.

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