Erosion Control


Erosion Control

Natural soil erosion causes land loss and can damage existing walls and structures. It’s important to protect your property with an erosion control system that prevents any further damage. If you have an erosion problem and need assistance, Fleming Marine Construction can offer several different types of solutions. Installation of a seawall or bulkhead is not always the best answer to soil erosion. We draw upon many years of experience to help determine the cause of the erosion and offer choices on how to correct the problem.

There are several different methods for stoping erosion in its tracks. Fleming Marine will advise you on the best method for preventing erosion in your unique situation. Here are the most common methods:

Seawalls & Retainer Walls: Wood, Vinyl, & Steel

Wood, vinyl, and steel seawalls are one of the best methods for completely stopping the natural erosion process. Our walls are carefully designed to prevent the erosion that can cause walls to fail. Years of experience has shown us the importance of incorporating ‘wing walls’ into the design of our seawalls. Wing walls will prevent natural wash out that removes soil from behind the seawall. Improperly designed walls will begin to develop an eroded area directly behind the wall that can be feet lower than the land level, which can be a safety hazard.

Fleming Marine has the expertise to repair damaged seawalls that have been improperly designed or otherwise damaged. The proper repairs can help stop the erosion process and quickly add security to waterfront property.

Rock Walls

Limestone barriers (rip rap) are becoming an increasingly popular choice to prevent shoreline erosion. This is because rock barriers are effective at displacing the wave energy that erodes soil. Limestone is an excellent choice because their jagged edges lock together, creating a more secure structure.

Limestone is also an environmentally friendly choice. Rock areas provide a safe habitat for many marine plants and animals. In the past several years the MDEQ (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) has begun prohibiting the construction of new seawalls on natural shorelines to protect native plant and animal life. It is much easier to install a limestone barrier than to try to obtain a permit to construct a new seawall where there wasn’t one before.

Shoreline Protection in Metamora Michigan

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